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Our mission

Make buildings less energy-consuming
Ensuring the best possible comfort for the occupants
GreenMe® puts technology at the service of humans. Our approach is unique and carries strong values ​​through its societal and environmental commitment and its orientation towards sustainable objectives. Our approach is unique because :
  • It places lthebuilding user at the heart of its strategy ;
  • It objectifies comfort by proposing a multi-parameter measurement closest to the occupants ;
  • It offers intuitive, understandable and useful dashboards and reports ;
  • It focuses on understanding the behavior of the building and the user within it.
Our approach is committed and oriented towards sustainable objectives :
  • Our GreenMe® cube is eco-designed, in France, in an approach of social and environmental responsibility ;
  • We train the various stakeholders (facility managers, Property managers, Workspace managers) so that they can be autonomous in managing the comfort and energy performance of their spaces ;
  • We engage users for the implementation of good practices.

GreenMe® has taken a step ahead of the evolution of Smart Buildings by placing knowledge of the human factor at the heart of its strategy.
Thanks to this unique expertise, GreenMe® is a pioneer in developing an efficient offer that fully meets the expectations of property managers and Workspace managers who wish to objectify the comfort situation of their spaces, increase employee satisfaction and educe their energy bill.

greenme-notreDemarche_en03MONITORING- Intuitive dashboard- Weekly and monthly reports02MEASUREMENT- Site Instrumentation- Setting up alerts- Dynamic display screens01START-UP- Inform users- Maintenance team training- Formation pilote(s) interne(s)ACCOMPAniMENT- Site analysis (energy surveys, usage surveys)- Building users mobilization - CommunicationRESULTS- Comfort situation is objectified- Improvement of environmental quality- Reduction of energy consumptionPRE-DIAGNOSIS- Site visit- Exchange with the different actors (Workplace manager, Property manag-ers, maintenance )- Placement of the cubes on planOUR APPROACH