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The Greenme® service

Light flickering
Light color
Average noise
Noise peaks
Air Quality

Greenme® is an innovative service which aims to assess the workspace environment quality.
Greenme® is composed of :
  • Connected devices, Greenme Cubes, that continuously measure 10 parameters relative to comfort and health. Each device is an elegant object to be put on every desk, close to the user. The devices communicate wirelessly their data to our infrastructure through a gateway.
  • A mobile application that enables the user to communicate with his GreenMe cube and express himself about his feelings relative to his workspace environment.
  • An online software, GreenMe analytics, for data visualization and analysis. Our analytics cloud can be used to cross Greenme® data with company data - such as energy data or activity performance data - in order to preconize relevant improvements.


  • GreenMe's usual setup includes connected devices and a gateway. It is best to use a device per desk.
    Every device measures continuously several parameters relating to health and well-being. Data are gathered by the gateway and stored, before being sent to our online services.
  • This is a plug&play service, installation can be made by everyone. Our service does not require a connexion to the company's private network.
  • A mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows soon) allows the end users to access their environment data.
    GreenMe Analytics allows online and real-time data analysis and device management.

Data to act

  • Every device transmits at regular interval values for temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting quality (lux, flickering, color),noise (average, max)
  • GreenMe Analytics offers all necessary tools to comprehend measurement and take action. It allows a deep exploration of the data as well as qualitative analysis (hygrothermic comfort, Wisner diagram, etc.)
  • This powerful data analysis tool allows to aim accurately what improvements needs to be done, for the benefit of the user, the company and the environment.