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More comfort
More productivity

Greenme® is a connected multichannel datalogger for indoor comfort assessment. Greenme® is different from existing systems : it enables a continuous and comprehensive measurement accross the workstation.

It is innovative : GreenMe® is the first connected device capable of measuring, on the desktop, 10 parameters relating to individual comfort and health. It is also adaptable to each need.

It is useful : Improving the quality of the workspace is improving the comfort and therefore the performance of the human in the company. Greenme® integrates perfectly into a CSR or prevention of occupational risks.

It is social : GreenMe® is the proof of the "we care" in the company. It facilitates communication between employees, management and building maintenance teams.
Air quality

It is ecological : GreenMe® is eco-designed and manufactured in France.

It is promising : For the first time, we put the human being at the heart of energy efficiency.

Did you know ?


Absenteism reduction through improved ventilation


Greater creativity obtained by a temperature more suitable


Productivity gain achieved by the use of high frequency lighting ballasts


Increased productivity due to better filtration of air pollutants


Productivity gain in the spaces with skylights

Source: Loftness & Al., Berkeley National Laboratory, 2003