Natural light energizes the mind
Natural light energizes the mind

The low-cost way to Improve Employee Retention

Such elements like adequate natural light, quality furniture, comfortable and clean working environment, and adequate tools make working enjoyable and workers satisfied which leads to higher workforce retention at the company. 

The ‘people’ P in the seven Ps of marketing is one of the most important. This is because people produce the goods and services and are the company’s contact with various publics. That is why the most successful firms have some of the happiest employees. These employees are motivated, productive, and happy to work with the organization. This goes a long way to having them stay in the organization for long. 

You should check a few elements in the workplace environment over and above remuneration, good employee policy, and superb managers. Here are some of them  :

Ensure adequate natural light

Not only do areas with a natural light look better, but also natural light gives the employees more energy and helps them keep awake. Natural sunshine is also said to enable workers sleep better at night. All of this leads to a better frame of mind when they are working.  

Ensure that the rooms are quiet

Open office layout is gaining momentum around the world. It is indeed necessary in some cases. However, there should be an area where employees can go when they need a quiet place to concentrate on some complex work. Where possible, consider having cubicles for just a few employees rather than several meters of open space. 

Quiet rooms cut down on interruptions and create an environment that is conducive to productivity. Some companies such as Google also provide nap rooms where employees can have a few minutes of a power nap. Studies show that twenty minutes to half an hour power nap boosts energy especially for people who engage in some complicated work or work for long hours. 

Make the working environment clean and comfortable

Every one of us feels better when they are in an area that is comfortable, well-arranged, smelling great and attractive. It is good that you rid the office of clutter and unused or broken furniture.

Repair lights that are flickering or not working and ensure that the air conditioning units are also functioning well too.

Simple things like good quality desks, ergonomic chair, indoor plants, and good spacing between desks and rows have a profound effect on employee job satisfaction. The spaces will also determine the productivity of your staff.

Offer quality working equipment

If you are a company that offers technical services, you need to ensure that all the necessary tools for the workers to do their work are present at the workshop. It is really frustrating when a worker is required to complete a job on time yet there are not enough tools or the few that are there are not working right. It also affects the speed of the service delivery to the clients. 

For other companies, ensure that the computers, printers and other general office equipment are adequate and in good working condition. Therefore, your workers will not be stressed when they are executing their duties. 

Allow workers to personalize their workplaces

Workers spend most of the week at their workstations. It is logical to allow them to decorate their individual spaces how they like them to be. They can have personal photos, plants, desktop centerpieces and even desklights. When we customize our living areas, we feel a sense of ownership and belonging. This pride goes a long way to ‘owning’ the job.

Introduce several wellness initiatives

You may introduce a few initiatives to increase fun and happiness around the office. You can award the best-arranged desks, workers who walked the most miles at the office or allow the workers to come with their children once in a month where you provide free childcare on site. These initiatives break the monotony and the boredom that s seen in many offices.

Keep the meeting to a minimum

short  & effective meetings
Make short and effective meetings

Tens of meetings a week will kill productivity. Many of the reports and communications can be done on email or a central whiteboard. In fact, most of the people are always too bored to pay attention or doing other work at the meetings.




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