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Benefits for you ! Click below to discover what benefits can GreenMe bring to you.

CEO / manager

Facility manager


Human resources

Health & safety comittee

More performance, more profitability
Affirmation of the CSR aproach
"We care" proof
Less absenteism and less turnover
More creativity
Optimization of energy performance in line with individual comfort
Corporate image improvement
Use of an innovative service
Contribute to social peace
Help to the implementation of an energy management system (ISO 50001)
Energy performance and compliance monitoring
Facilitates communication between employees, management and building maintenance crews.
Objective measurement of the comfort and health situation
Sick Building Syndrom diagnosis support
Objective measurement of the comfort and the environment quality perception
Improved dialogue with the team
More performance
Less fatigue and less stress due to the work physical environment
More suitable working conditions
Individual environment perception is taken into account