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Our mission

Better buildings

GreenMe accompagne les entreprisesGuide businesses
GreenMe bâtiments moins énergivoresMake buildings less energy-consuming
GreenMe confort des occupantsEnsuring the health and comfort of the occupants
Specialists in the assessment of the indoor environment quality, we help businesses make their spaces healthier for occupants and the wider environment. We have built our own technology for monitoring in real time building health data and collecting occupants feedbacks, to analyse, communicate and foster a change beneficial to all.

Thanks to this unique expertise, GreenMe® is a pioneer in developing an efficient offer that fully meets the expectations of property managers and Workspace managers who wish to
  • objectify the comfort situation of their employees,
  • ensure compliance with safety and security standards within the company
  • reduce their energy bill.
The solution
Our mission

Sustainable goals

GreenMe® puts technology at the service of humans. Our approach is unique and carries strong values ??through its societal and environmental commitment and its orientation towards sustainable objectives. Our approach is unique because :
  • It places thebuilding user at the heart of its strategy ;
  • It objectifies comfort by proposing a multi-parameter measurement closest to the occupants ;
  • It offers intuitive, understandable and useful dashboards and reports ;
  • It focuses on understanding the behavior of the building and the user within it.
Our approach is committed and oriented towards sustainable objectives :
  • Our GreenMe® cube is eco-designed, in France, in an approach of social and environmental responsibility ;
  • We train the various stakeholders (facility managers, Property managers, Workspace managers) so that they can be autonomous in managing the comfort and energy performance of their spaces ;
  • We engage users for the implementation of good practices.
Cube GreenMe dans une classe d'école

Did you know ?

  • - 55 %


    through improved ventilation

  • + 3 %


    achieved by the use of high frequency lighting ballasts

  • + 3 %


    due to better filtration of air pollutants

  • + 40 %


    in the spaces with skylights

  • + 19 %


    obtained by a temperature more suitable

Source: Loftness & Al., Berkeley National Laboratory, 2003

For all !

Which one are you ? Click below to discover what benefits Can GreenMe® bring to you :

Property manager
Human Resources Department
health & safety committee

More performance, more profitability
Affirmation of the CSR aproach
"We care" proof
Less absenteism and less turnover
More creativity
Optimization of energy performance in line with individual comfort
Corporate image improvement
Use of an innovative service
Help to the implementation of an energy management system (ISO 50001)
Energy performance and compliance monitoring
Facilitates communication between employees, management and building maintenance staff.
Sick Building Syndrom diagnosis support
Objective measurement of the comfort and the environment quality perception
Improved dialogue with the team
Individual environment perception is taken into account
Our news

Our news
The software solution

GreenMe as a Service

10 factors + Feedbacks

The GreenMe® cube measures at least 10 factors related to health and comfort : Temperature, Humidity, Lighting quality, Noise (average,peaks octaves), Need for air renewal, Feedbacks.
Optional : CO2, Particles Matter

Powerful dashboard

The dashboard GreenMe Analytics is the essential tool for exploring, analyzing data and mapping comfort and discomfort zones.


GreenMe App is a mobile app for the facility technician and a mobile app for the end user

La solution logicielle GreenMe en quelques mots


The API GreenMe allows you to collect et aggregate the measured data. Hence you can connect GreenMe to any other software!


GreenMe® provides the alerts essential for the proper management of the building: Exceeding thresholds, discomforts.

Mobile App

GreenMe® provides weekly and monthly reports to lay out the measures observed and recommendations for the period. GreenMe® also provides a map integrating comfort and occupancy data.

Our packages

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Our packages

We have designed packages that meet the main requests that are made to us. However at GreenMe®, we understand that you may have specific needs, reach us for a customized offer.

Continuous monitoring


0.75 / m² / yr

The health, safety and comfort of your employees are an absolute priority. You must ensure that your spaces are compliant for a serene and productive workforce and you want to  :
  • Continuously monitor essential environmental parameters
  • Objectify the comfort situation,
  • Check compliance

Facility Management


0.75 / m² / yr

As a Facility manager, you are responsible for the comfort and the efficiency of the built environment you maintain and you want to :
  • Objectify the comfort situation
  • Continuously monitor essential environmental parameters,
  • Better communicate with the tenants
  • Optimize your operational costs

Indoor Air Quality


1.15 / m² / yr

Because the safety and health of employees are an absolute priority, you must assess objectively and constinuously the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your spaces and :
  • Characterize concerns
  • Assess potential sources
  • Tracks regularly the main pollutants
  • Have recommendations for the implementation of corrective actions

Energy awareness


1.15 / m² / yr

You are managing an energy efficiency campaign in your site et and need help to trigger the tenants' behavioral change :
  • Search for improvement opportunities
  • Tenants motivation
  • Internal / external communication on the objectives

Meeting Rooms optimization

The meeting room is one of the important asset of a company's workspace. In the current context you must :
  • Absolutely guarantee that your spaces are safe for the health of the employees
  • Ensure that the meeting rooms are well used
  • Ensure that your meeting rooms offer a comfortable environment for collaboration and innovation

Post-occupancy survey

You are seeking to measure and improve the way your facility is used and maintained.
More precisely, you want to :
  • Account for building quality
  • Troubleshoot building/use problems
  • Prepare and inform of the modifications planned on the site.
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We help companies of all sizes or industry who are willing to really get to grips with the quality of their spaces.
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How to reduce environmentl impact at the office through behavioural changes using user-friendly nudges ?

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